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Başak Kırıcı 

Animation Director & Visual Artist
Born in Istanbul, lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 


Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam 2018 - 2022
Avni Akyol Fine Arts School, Istanbul 
2014 - 2018

Kaboom Animation Festival, Graduation Film, 2024
Dutch Directors Guild, DDG Animation Nominee, 2023
Apedemak Sudan International Animation Film Festival, 2023

Nederlands Film Festival, NFF Student Competition, 2023
NFF - EY Young Talent Award, 2023
Playgrounds Student Awards, Nomination, 2023

Close-Up Student Film Festival, Rotterdam , NL 2023
Kaboom Animation Festival, Debutant Ball, 2022

Heritage Studios, (A)wake - MONO, Rotterdam, NL 2023
Zeze & Mercedes Private Premier, KINO, Rotterdam, NL 2023
Marbella Marbella Art and Culture, Amsterdam, NL 2023
Pop-Up Exhibition, Lokatie Laurier, Amsterdam, NL 2023
WdKA Graduation Show, Rotterdam, NL 2022
Branie, Music Festival, Rotterdam, NL 2022
Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, Rotterdam, NL 2021
Culemborg Art Festival, Culemborg, NL 2018
AAGSL Graduation Exhibiton, Istanbul, TR 2018
Alt-Üst AAGSL Exhibiton, Istanbul, TR 2017

''Please Make My Wish Come True'', NFF Ultrakort 2024 - Director, NL 2024
''Zeze & Mercedes'', WdKA Graduation Film - Director, NL 2023
Juanfer Marrero Group, Branie Festival - Visual Director, NL 2021
''It's Nice In Here'', Robert-Jonathan Koeyers, Valk Producties - Lead Animator, NL 2020
''Burnout Diary'', Studio Pupil - Storyboard Artist, NL 2020
''The House'', Nexus Studios - O.T. Animator, UK 2020

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